The Screamer

The Screamer


Be loud and proud. But don't expect your neighbors to like it.

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After trying tons of gentle drives, tube-sound drives and transparent drives, none of them nailed everything that we wanted. So we started prototyping our perfect features and – yada-yada-yada – The Screamer was born. 

Like everything you buy at Cathouse, five dollars from this pedal goes straight to animal rescue groups we work with and trust.

Why we love it:
It was probably irresponsible to give it such a huge gain range. Perhaps we were too persnickety about perfectly tuning the tone control. And we couldn't say no when the testers loved two distinct clipping profiles and a bonus clean boost function. But if the ends justify the means it's here – with a pedal that offers so much fun and flexibility while maintaining the voice and character of whatever you put in. 

Sounds like:
A dream where you and the Ghostbusters follow a trail of hauntingly familiar hot licks only to find that the ghoul you're chasing is a spectral version of yourself sent here to help you realize your full potential.