This Cat's Manifesto

A passion for playing is about trying new things – tunings, techniques, genres and gear. 

Cathouse amps and effects are for working musicians and adventurous players designed for exploration that's exciting and affordable for working musicians. We design and hand-craft gear with personality – because handmade quirks inspire new ideas.

We keep prices reasonable by keeping our products straightforward, flexible and free of fluff. Simply put, if it doesn't make a difference you can hear and feel, you won't find it in a Cathouse product. 

None of this would be possible without the help of great players who test our weird ideas, promising prototypes and finished products. Their ideas and feedback help us move fast and stay focused on the player's experience. If they barely use a knob, it won't be in the next version. If they request a feature, we'll find a way to try it. If they can't hear a difference from that mystical "mojo" part everyone swears by, they we'll put the money where it matters.

Affordable exploration is what we're all about. Get some strange here at Cathouse.